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DRVN Martial Arts

High Quality Martial Arts For All Ages

Welcome to DRVN Martial Arts & DRVN FIT, formerly known as Pacific Taekwondo Training Center. We are your one stop shop for the highest quality of martial arts and fitness in the Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and Ontario area. Regardless if your goal is to earn a black belt, or change your lifestyle, we have a program for you! We are committed to providing a safe, friendly, yet challenging martial arts and/or fitness environment for our students and boot campers. With us, you won’t feel like you’re just another body in the class, you’ll feel part of a FAMILY.

Healthy Body

We promise to provide high-quality martial arts instruction that gives your body the tools to handle all the rigorous demands of everyday life. Be it for self-defense, physical fitness, competitive excellence, or just for personal gratification, we've got you covered.


Strong Mind

We work hard to make the academic growth of our students a priority. Our young students often enjoy better behavior at school and at home! For both juniors and adults, we stress the importance of education and teach proper martial arts etiquette, vocabulary, and culture.


Balanced Life

The body and mind must be in sync. A strong body with a weak mind will only be able to handle the physical elements in life, but not the mental stress. A strong mind with a weak body is headstrong, but does not have the energy to handle daily life. Commit to both today.

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts  in Rancho Cucamonga - DRVN Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts  in Rancho Cucamonga - DRVN Martial Arts

Sport Taekwondo

Sport Taekwondo in Rancho Cucamonga - DRVN Martial Arts

Your Home For Better Taekwondo

Meet our Instructors

Iris Brodeth Challoy , DRVN Martial Arts testimonialS

Master Eric brings out the best in my kids. My children enjoy every training. He trains the kids to do their best and nothing but their best... .... Read more

Iris Brodeth Challoy

Aline Salzberg , DRVN Martial Arts testimonialS

Excellent training for strength, traditional martial arts and competitive sparring! .... Read more

Aline Salzberg

Jake Jeffers, DRVN Martial Arts testimonialS

Master Erik helps the students and I am a black belt helper.also miss. Jackie is nice and helps out a lot. I would recommend this school for anyone. .... Read more

Jake Jeffers

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