Ms. Diane Paoner Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Ms. Diane Paoner in Rancho Cucamonga - DRVN Martial Arts

Ms. Diane Paoner

Asst. Instructor Diane is a 2nd Poom Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt. She has completed PTTC's Level 1 Leadership Training course. Diane and her brother moved to PTTC two years ago. The accomplishment she has made in a short period time is nothing short of amazing. Two time California State Silver and Bronze medalist, Nevada State Gold Medalist, 2015 ranked #2 in the nation for sparring and #5 in forms, earned her 2nd degree black belt, and just recently earned the title of Assistant Instructor here at PTTC. She has been a great addition to our teaching staff and look forward to see what she can accomplish in the future.

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